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"Known around the world as the company that put the 'stomp' in 'stompbox,' BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation most easily recognized for its legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals.But beyond these killer pedals, BOSS has pushed the envelope for over 30 years with innovative multi-effects, rhythm machines, personal digital studios and other easy-to-use instruments for musicians of all types. Put simply, BOSS gives you the great-sounding tools you need to spend less time tweaking and more time playing" (www.bossus.com).


ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects
Compact and powerful multi-effects with simple, knob-based interface,
eight simultaneous effects, flagship-level COSM® amps, and
multifunction footswitches.
C.  GP-10 Guitar Processor
Instrument modeling processor and multi-effects unit with COSM® amp and instrument models, alternate tunings, USB audio, and guitar-to-MIDI conversion.
B.  GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor
A powerhouse, multi-effects processor with next-generation
amp modeling in a rugged, roadworthy floorboard unit.
D.  GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor
Premium amps and effects in a stylish desktop
unit with COSM® amp models, powerful MDP
effects, USB audio/MIDI, and more.



A.  ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects

Hands-On Access to a World of Great Tones - Features
Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effects, the ME-80 is the ideal compact tone processor for performing guitarists. A friendly knob-based interface makes it simple to dial in great sounds in seconds, while easily selectable operation modes offer the flexibility of individual stompbox-style on/off or instant recall of complex multi-effects setups. Unique new footswitches deliver twice the control of previous designs for efficient and intuitive effects switching, patch selection, and real-time sound shaping while playing on stage. The free BOSS TONE STUDIO software unlocks even more tonal possibilities, providing a cool graphical interface for tweaking and organizing sounds on your computer, plus a web connection to BOSS TONE CENTRAL for direct access to free gig-ready patches created by top pro guitarists and much more.

*   Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interface
*   Eight simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects types
*   Dial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxes
*   Includes a massive selection of top-quality effects, from classic
     BOSS stomps to the latest MDP effects
*   Updated flagship-level COSM® amps derived from the GT-100
*   Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal
*   Manual mode for stompbox-style on/off; Memory mode for switching
     complete patch setups
*   Delay section includes Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording
*   Runs on six AA batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter
*   USB audio/MIDI interface built in
*   Free BOSS TONE STUDIO software allows you to edit and organize tones on
     your computer, and also preview and download free patches directly from the
     BOSS TONE CENTRAL website

B.  GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor

Version 2.0: Full Power for Stage and Studio -
With the new GT-100 Version 2.0 update, BOSS’ flagship multi-effects processor is now even more powerful than before, adding a host of great new features to its already formidable arsenal. Two new amp types are included, along with cutting-edge MDP effects, an acoustic guitar simulator, and an improved rotary effect. A convenient Guitar-to-MIDI function is on board as well, letting you have fun with Guitar Friend Jam and other computer software using your normal guitar. The GT-100’s USB audio capabilities have been expanded too, providing greater flexibility for re-amping applications. And with the BOSS TONE STUDIO software, you can now edit GT-100 patches from a friendly graphical interface on your computer.

*   Advanced COSM amps that model vintage classics
     and deliver never before-heard tones
*   Dual LCDs and panel knobs offer simple and intuitive operation,
     with direct access to every parameter
*   EZ Tone feature with graphical Tone Grid for constructing new patches, plus Amp
     Customize and OD/DS Customize functions for easily creating original sounds
*   Unique Accel pedal provides simultaneous control of multiple parameters
*   Powerful A/B Channel Divider for creating dual amp and effects chains that can
     be blended together or toggled by footswitch, frequency, or picking strength
GT-100 Version 2.0—Newly Added Features
Two new amp models: BGNR UB Metal and ORNG Rock Reverb
*   New MDP effects powered by innovative BOSS technology:
     Tera Echo, Overtone, and A-DIST
*   Rotary 2 and Acoustic Guitar Simulator effects types added
*   Monophonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion from normal 1/4-inch guitar input
*   Enhanced USB audio/MIDI interface with multi-channel operation for
     flexible recording and efficient re-amping
*   Support for BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and new
     GT-100 Version 2.0 patches, available for free at bosstonecentral.com
*   Version 2.0 software available as a free download for all GT-100 owners

C.  GP-10 Guitar Processor

The new GP-10 puts a universe of amazing tones and tunings at your command, all in one compact processor that’s affordable and easy to use. With a Roland GK-compatible pickup on your guitar, the GP-10 lets you transform your sound into numerous classic electric and acoustic guitar types, basses, and even analog-modeled synths, including the legendary Roland GR-300. Not stopping there, you have access to instant altered tunings, including popular open tunings, 12-string tones, and “down” tunings that are essential for today’s ultra-heavy rock styles. The versatile GP-10 also functions as a full-featured multi-effects processor for both GK and normal pickups, giving you a huge selection of COSM® amps and effects for live playing and studio recording. In addition, USB connectivity lets you capture GP-10 tones directly into your DAW, and you can even play computer-based soft synths from your axe with the GP-10’s guitar-to-MIDI convertor!

*   Instant access to down tunings, open tunings, 12-string sounds,
     and your own custom tunings
*   Instrument modeling powered by COSM technology, including conventional
     electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, plus sitar, banjo, fretless guitar, and others
*   Analog guitar synthesizer modeling driven by real-time DSP allows
     you to play expressive, ultra-responsive synth tones
*   Create totally new sounds by blending modeled and normal guitar tones together
*   High-quality COSM amps and multi-effects derived from the GT-100
*   13-pin input for guitars equipped with a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup or other
     GK-compatible pickup
*   Standard 1/4-inch guitar input allows for use of amps and effects with any guitar
*   USB audio/MIDI interface for multi-channel audio recording (including individual
     string output) and guitar-to-MIDI conversion with GK pickup
*   BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and custom patches
     available at bosstonecentral.com
*   Available with or without a GK-3 Divided Pickup
*   Play the GP-10 and another 13-pin GK device at the same time using the
     GKP-2 Parallel Cable (optional)

D.  GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor

Flagship GT Power on Your Desktop - Features:
The GT-001 packs the acclaimed amps and effects of the flagship GT-100 Version 2.0 in a stylish desktop processor for your home studio or mobile rig. Its small size fits easily into any workspace, while the intuitive interface makes it simple to dial up world-class tones for recording and practice. In addition to the guitar input, an XLR mic input is included for capturing vocals or acoustic instruments, and the built-in USB audio/MIDI interface provides a direct connection for creating music with your favorite DAW. Like the GT-100, the GT-001 offers powerful sound creation possibilities with dual amps and effects chains and flexible routing options. On top of that, a newly developed guitar-to-MIDI function lets you have fun with Guitar Friend Jam and other computer programs from a normal guitar input—no special pickup required! Available as a free download, the BOSS TONE STUDIO software provides a cool graphical interface for tweaking tones from your computer, plus access to BOSS TONE CENTRAL for free studio-ready patches and much more.

*   Premium amps and effects in a stylish desktop unit
*   Includes BOSS’ latest COSM® amp models, powerful MDP effects, and more
*   Flexible routing of amps and effects through two effect chains
*   Advanced multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for flexible recording and
     efficient re-amping
*   Compatible with GT-100 Version 2.0 sound patches
*   Panel knobs for adjusting sounds and dedicated buttons for calling up favorite tones
*   BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and custom patches available
     at bosstonecentral.com
*   XLR mic input with phantom power; specially designed effects patches for vocals
     and acoustic guitars
*   1/8-inch input for connecting a stereo device such as a smart phone or music player
*   Monophonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion from normal 1/4-inch guitar input
*   Jack for connecting an expression pedal or up to two footswitches for real-time
     effects control and patch changes
*   Powered by USB bus or included AC adapter

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